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The Next Cannabis? Red Light Holland CEO on the Future of Legal Psychedelics

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How much do you know about the psychedelic space?

Red Light Holland's CEO Todd Shapiro is here to discuss the space and how his company is expanding. 

Red Light Holland focuses on magic truffles. No, not the truffle that you order on your pasta at a fancy restaurant. 

Instead, the company focuses on micro-dosing. So, instead of going on a full trip with the shrooms, you got from the weird guy at your college, Red Light Holland's products allow users to take doses small enough that it helps in ways similar to cannabis--allowing users to deal with anxiety, depression, etc. 

The effects of psychedelic micro-dosing are still being studied, and many countries are skeptical about the usage of recreational psychedelics but Red Light Holland, which is a public company, operates in Canada. 

Watch the video above to see how Shapiro and his company are pushing forward in this space.

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