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Delta Variant: What Remote Working Could Mean for Women In Finance

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The Delta variant concerns are mounting, with many speculating (including TheStreet's Jim Cramer) on what it could mean for the markets, economy, and so much more.  

Facebook, Inc. ( (FB) ), Twitter, Inc. ( (TWTR) ), Coinbase Global ( (COIN) ), and many more companies are embracing remote working. TheStreet spoke to Suni Harford, President, UBS Asset Management, about remote working and how it could benefit women working in the finance industry.

"The ability to have remote access, to give people a chance to work from home and around their personal schedules a little more flexibly could really change the makeup of our offices," says Suni Harford, President of UBS Asset Management. "And I really do hope that that's true."

Harford also discussed ESG investing, what she called the "next big investment trend', investment strategies for 'shifting markets', and why she believes the economy is set to surge

Plenty of stay-at-home stocks including Peloton ( (PTON) ) Chewy ( (CHWY) ), and Kroger ( (KR) ) have benefited from the rising concerns of the Delta variant, as reported by TheStreet's Dan Weil.

Editor's Note: This article was updated on August 2, 2021.

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