Investors should own more shares of Apple (AAPL) , and less (or no) shares of General Mills (GIS) and J.C. Penney (JCP) . 

That's the general mindset of Goldman Sachs strategists at the moment. Goldman, which continues to see the S&P 500 rising by a low-single digit percentage this year, is telling clients to overweight information technology and financials. By going overweight a sector (see below) it means having more exposure to one sector of the market relative to another.

With the tech space innovating like crazy and financials such as JPMorgan & Chase (JPM) poised to profit from higher interest rates this year, it makes sense that Goldman has clients positioned more in these sectors. On the other hand, Goldman strikes a bearish note on the consumer discretionary, real estate, utilities and consumer staples sectors.

Real estate and utilities could see their profits come under pressure this year amid higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve. Consumer staples and consumer discretionary remain under immense pressure from changing shopping habits and transportation inflation. 

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