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How Gen Z and Millennials Are Changing the Crypto Investing Ecosystem

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Expert panelists John Patrick Lee, CFA and Product Manager at VanEck, and Ed Lopez, Head of VanEck's ETF products, provide their thoughts on cryptocurrency's future.

"Young people are investing in new ways," said John Patrick Lee, CFA and Product Manager at VanEck. "And there's a huge generational wealth transfer that's occurring right now as baby boomers are passing on their wealth to Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z."

"You have a demographic of people that are used to operating digitally and are demanding it," said Ed Lopez, host of the podcast 'Trends with Benefits.' "You're seeing companies at the forefront of this transformation adopt cryptocurrencies in their business. Companies like Coinbase (COIN), Gemini, and even Fidelity."

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Watch the video to learn more or see the full webinar, presented by VanEck:

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