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Here are a couple of laptop bags that should make traveling a little more stylish and a lot more organized. Gadget Grrl brings you two bags by Belkin that give your iPod special consideration. Also, if you want to know which airlines are charging more for miscellaneous items like an extra snack, check out the Web site below.

Laptop Bags

Ceylon Messenger Bag

Two new ways to carry your laptop from Belkin are worth considering, especially now that the summer travelers will be onboard with you. What I like about the Ceylon Messenger Bag is the flap-over contains two magnets to ensure that the flap stays put. The inside pocketscontain plenty of compartments and there is a zipper in the front so you can easily accessone of the lower meshed pockets that could hold thumb drives and/or iPod accessories.

The baby soft padding inside is great for the lumps and bumpsof turbulences. The color schemes are also different, not the usual black. I likethe grey with light blue interior.

Slim Backpack

If you are in need of a more rugged way to travel, the Slim Backpack is anotherpossibility. There are plenty of compartments and rubberized, colored zipper tabsso you won't have to hunt around for them.

Slim comes with a separate removable pouch so you can easily remove power cords or otherlaptop accessories.

Of note here is a feature you won't see on most backpacks, a small opening up top in order to thread your iPod wire through. This way you don't have to carry it in your pocket. I also liked the thicker-than-usual shoulder straps with extra padding so theywon't dig into your shoulders when the backpack is full.

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