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Hit a Home Run With These Stocks

Stockpickr columnist Glen Bradford shares his top picks.

Updated from Aug. 18, 1:47 p.m. EDT

By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Glen Bradford

Be forewarned: I invest in the "riskiest" companies.

Hi, I am Glen Bradford, but you can call me Shoeless Joe. In the pastweek, my stock-picking abilities have whisked me from batting-tee baseball into the minor leagues. I've turned my college savings into a stock market grand-slamming portfolio. So I wrote to Jim Cramer looking for more coaching. That's how I got introduced to James Altucher.

And that's where the madness begins. I typically like to outline my picks and take a definitive stand. It seems to work; the

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first article I wrote for Stockpickr

drew a lot of readers.

So what's my strategy? I look for stocks with the most understandable history of revenues and earnings and use those to forecast the future.

For my top picks, click here.

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