Markets were showing strength Tuesday, continuing their hot start in 2018. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was leading the way higher after being the lone average to decline in trading Monday. The Dow rose 0.42%, or 106 points, to 25,389, while the S&P 500 climbed 0.3%, or 8 points, to 2,755, and the Nasdaq gained 0.12%, or 8.6 points, to 7,166. 

Here are the stories driving market moves today.

Speculation Is Fun

TheStreet's Jim Cramer is a man of the people and the people on Twitter are telling him to cover three speculative sectors: marijuana, cryptocurrencies and Micron Technology Inc.  (MU) - Get Report . Here's his take.

Speculation Also Leads to Wild Swings

Investors are in a state of "rational exuberance," according to a Goldman Sachs note, and the analysts at Stocktrader's Almanac are saying there will be an 83.7%  rise in stocks in 2018. Here's Brian Sozzi's take on the current state of the market

Jamie Dimon Backtracks on Crypto

JPMorgan & Chase Co. (JPM) - Get Report CEO Jamie Dimon was one of bitcoin's deriders last year. The new year has given him some time for introspection on the topic and Dimon isn't as bearish on the crypto-craze. TheStreet's Martin Baccardax covers the change in sentiment here. 

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