The details over the Trump administration's tax reform plans are starting to come to light.

The plan calls for a corporate tax cut to 15%, giving companies the wherewithal to invest and expand their businesses. That's the assessment from John Eade, president of Argus Research.

"If it's not 15%, it looks like it's going to be lower than the current 35%," he said. "Money comes back into the economy - ideally that's reinvested into new factories and new plants - that generates the jobs that I think the administration feels are going to generate tax returns back to the government and make the whole plan budget neutral."

Other winners include consumers, as the number of tax brackets moves to three, compared to the current seven. The administration is trying to make the tax code less complex.

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Consumers will also see relief as there was no plan for a border adjustment tax, at least for right now. That's also a win for retailers. 

As for the negatives of the tax proposals, there is concern the plan raises the deficit in the short-term.

"I don't think [the plan is] going to be good for borrowers - in the early days of this plan, deficits are rising and that's going to send interest rates higher," Eade said. "If deficits aren't under control, that may have an impact on the dollar."

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