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Petroleum Engineering was named the most valuable college major, according to a report from, a financial blog helping people maximize their money through saving tips.

The study comprised a list of both the most valuable and least valuable majors by analyzing unemployment rates, and median incomes for U.S. adults with a bachelors degree in 173 majors.

The top five most valuable majors in order are Petroleum Engineering, Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences/Administration, Geological/Geophysical Engineering, Mining/Mineral Engineering, and Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering.

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The top five least valuable college majors in order are Studio Arts, Human Services/Community Organization, Composition/Rhetoric, Miscellaneous Fine Arts, and Clinical Psychology.

"When deciding on a college major, it's important to not only choose something that interests you, but also a field that offers opportunity for employment and earning potential," said Sarah Berger, founder of

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