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Hackers Manage to Tap Into Net Sector's Gains

Internet stocks are lower among reports of outages at E*Trade and Datek.

It appears that hackers have also been able to tap into the Net sector. Internet Sector

index was down 5.71, or 0.5%, at 1155.96 in early trading. New Tech 30 index was down 2.06, or 0.3%, at 658.85.


reported that some of



customers were experiencing problems today.





were felled yesterday by hackers bombarding the sites with messages, thus blocking traffic. And

may also have been impacted yesterday. These follow Monday's strike against



and yesterday's hit on


soon after the online retailer went public.

E*Trade was down 7/16, or 2%, at 22 9/16., whose site was down for about an hour yesterday, was off 1/2, or 0.6%, at 82 5/8 in recent trading. In its second day of trading, was up 3, or 12%, at 28 1/8. eBay was down 3 7/16, or 2%, at 166 5/16, while Yahoo! was up 15/16, or 0.3%, at 374 1/16. Losses may reflect some concern about the hackers, and some may be using the news as an excuse to take profits.


Datek Online

customers have also been unable to log on and place trades Wednesday morning, spokesman Mike Dunn confirmed. He said the source of the problems, which began early this morning, isn't known yet and that the company is looking into it. He couldn't say yet whether or not hackers might be involved.



was lately up 24.56, or 0.55%, at 4452.06 in recent trading following a strong earnings

report and stock split from



, which was lately up 7 3/16, or 5.7%, at 133.




was up 15 1/16, or 10%, at 167 5/16 after the electronic business software company announced a 3-for-1 stock split.


B2B plays,

Aspect Development


was up 12 1/8, or 13%, at 108 3/4. Aspect was upgraded to strong buy from buy by

Credit Suisse First Boston

after the enterprise software maker announced alliances with

i2 Technologies



Commerce One


after the close yesterday.

Aspect and i2 signed an agreement for Aspect to be a preferred content provider for i2's TradeMatrix marketplace, giving it access to more than 16 million products from 7,000 suppliers. i2 was up 4 3/16, or 1.8%, at 240.

Aspect also announced it had entered into a partnership with Commerce One to conduct joint marketing and sales of the companies' products and services. Commerce One will resell Aspect's content-management software and content services. The companies have also agreed to collaborate on Aspect's Standard Classification Scheme as a basis for defining a standard product definition language for B2B e-commerce and trading. The companies said that providing a common language for buyers and sellers will remove one of the biggest barriers to effective B2B e-commerce. Commerce One was down 2 1/8, or 1.3%, at 163.

Senior Writer

Caroline Humer contributed to this report.