What the heck is Google (GOOG) - Get Report doing selling at 1 times its growth rate?

What is a company that is successfully integrating Doubleclick to rout its ad enemies, a company that is now going up against a totally challenged



, a company that has a division that is growing 7% organically per week (YouTube) and a company that has the best balance sheet in the world doing selling at 1 times growth?

I swear, if we just used the old rule of 10, where you divide the price of some high-dollar shares by 10 to make the valuation process less daunting, no one would think twice if this $53 stock went to $60.

I named

the four horsemen of tech a month ago, RAGA --

Research In Motion




(AMZN) - Get Report

, Google and


(AAPL) - Get Report

-- and each has astounding growth vs. its multiple, with the possible exception of Amazon, which is also a play on a ridiculously large short position.

I like all of these, although obviously Apple will be tricky to trade -- up, then down, then up -- after the iPhone's debut. But it is absurd that the cheapest of these stocks is the best and fastest-growing: Google!

It is breaking free of the earth's atmosphere right now, and it is becoming a great mark-up candidate for end of the quarter momentum funds.

It should be purchased now.

Random musings:

Subprime alert -- the people determined to freak you out will work at it all week. Get immunized. Read

the series!

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Yahoo!

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