NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Internet search-engine giant Google (GOOG) - Get Report reportedly made an offer to acquire start-up Impossible Foods for between $200 million to $300 million. Impossible Foods, which uses plants to make meats and cheeses aimed at tasting like the real thing, says its mission is to give people the great taste and nutritional benefits of foods that come from animals without a negative impact on health and the environment.

The company has a goal of making healthier food options and creating a source of food that is more sustainable. It was founded by Stanford University biologist and physician Patrick O. Brown and says it now counts more than 50 scientists, chefs, farmers and engineers on its staff. It's said to be backed by financing from Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report co-founder Bill Gates and several venture-capital firms.

Impossible Foods says on its Web site, "We looked at animal products at the molecular level, then selected specific proteins and nutrients from greens, seeds and grains to recreate the wonderfully complex experience of meats and dairy products. For thousands of years, we've relied on animals as our technology to transform plants into meat, milk and eggs. Impossible Foods has found a better way."

The company is currently said to be developing its own version of a cheeseburger with components completely scientifically cultivated from plants. Google and Impossible Foods could not come to an agreement on a price for a potential deal, causing it to fall through, according to a report by The Information.

It's unclear at this time for what purposes Google would have used the acquisition of Impossible Foods as well as whether any discussions between the two companies are still ongoing. Google did not respond to our requests for comment.

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