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Gold, S&P 500 Declines Offer Opportunity

Drops in gold and the S&P 500 allowed savvy traders to pocket a few thousand dollars Friday.

By Chris Vermeulen of



) -- It has been a great week for traders who watched gold and the indices become more and more overbought on the intraday charts and expected a reversal, which occurred Friday.

I have been writing for several weeks that the market was getting close to a tipping point, and Friday was the first day of possibly a larger correction.

Below are links to two videos showing Friday's price action. The first video is the calm before the storm.

The second video shows the calm after the first thunderhead passed over the market.

Video #1 - Morning Gold & SP500 Intraday Analysis and Setups

Video #2 - Afternoon Trading Opportunity

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Some words from the Chat Room about Friday's trade:

Steve: One of the best of my life!!!

Airgar: Chris, I don't know exactly how you do it, but that was very impressive!

Russ: Vodka & coke tonight! Very Nice !:P

Gold & SP500 Trading Conclusion:

As you can see from the two videos above, there is big money in the market when one uses a proven trading strategy along with strict risk management and money management. Several traders pocketed a few thousand dollars yesterday on this drop in both gold and the S&P500. This shows how my hybrid of intraday and swing trading gets the best of both worlds in current market conditions.

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-- Written by Chris Vermeulen in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Chris Vermeulen is founder of the popular trading sites and There he shares his highly successful, low-risk trading method. Since 2001, Chris has been a leader in teaching others to skillfully trade in gold, silver, oil and stocks in both bull and bear markets.