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LOS ANGELES -- So long mouse pads and carpal tunnel -- here's a mouse that feels natural. It's a wireless mouse with nano receiver that's virtually flat.

Next, Gadget Grrl says most mobile executives cling to their Burberry coats and conservative attire, but thatdoesn't mean they can't add some zing with something like this Quilted Mini-Laptopcase from Belkin. The techno blue one is pictured below, but it also comes in plum berry and black.

Finally, do you plan on having a sunbath this weekend? This visor will tell you when you have been basking in the glow of summer far too long -- it changes its color.

Ci05m Wireless Mouse

What I liked about the Kensington Ci95m Wireless Mouse with nano receiver is that it's flat. Unlike most other wireless mice out there, this one feels natural in your hand. Instead of arching up and in some cases this can be painful, your hand rests on top of it to easily right/left click or scroll. It also eliminates a wrist pad that many users have cometo use with the curved mouse.

Of note here is that there are two tiny, magnets inside to make sure the top and bottomof the mouse connect just right.

The tiny nano receiver won't take up a ton of space in your USB slot either. That's nice, in case you want to use this on your desktop or on the road.

Quilted Mini-Laptop Case

It's just the right size for the mini-laptops that are becoming so much more popular.

Or if you've ditched your laptop altogether, and just work off of a few smallerelectronics, this might also work for you.

Not only is it stylish, this carrying case protects your mini laptop from light wear and tear. Enjoy carrying your mini laptop anywhere you go.

Techno blue is the color in the photo, but it also comes in plum berry or black.

Continuing along the stylish theme here, and given the higher temperatures recorded across the U.S., you might want to pack this UV reading sun visor.

Made of lightweight plastic, the brim changes colors as you are exposed to the sun.

The visor is sort of a translucent light grey when it's not in the sun but the longer it's exposed it will become a deeper and deeper purple. The more UV light, the deeperthe purple color.

It's an easy way to determine if you've had too much sun.

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Site to see:

Aviation Consumer Protection Division

You want stats? Then here is a site you'll love to scan while waiting for that flight that's been delayed, rerouted or rescheduled. Everything from travel tips to customer service plans. Who knew that the word service was still used, but evidently some of airlines companies want you to know that.

Check out the page about air travel complaints; follow the guidelines to file a grievance and see if you get any responses.

Also, you may find some fascinating reading on the Flight Delays and Mishandled Baggage monthly reports.

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