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If you believe in the unseen, take a look at this. It's a ghost-finding gadget that hunts for our friendly and ominous intruders. Take it from Gadget Grrl -- who used it, and found the experience interesting to say the least -- it could be handy when staying in strange hotels. Plus, with the Photoshop Elements 6 program, you can organize and morph your photos into marketing tools.


If you are a mobile executive then you may have had to stay in some "interesting" hotel rooms.

One of the hottest things in Japan right now is a small, device called a GhostRadardetector.

The device is based on mathematical, meteorological and technological calculations.There is a large, white, button on top that when pressed searches for a ghost, or physically undefined object.

The device will beep and emit several different colors, blue, green, lavender etc., before landing on one.

After pressing the button, if it beeps repeatedly and turns red, then there is something, (or someone) in the room with you. There is also a safe mode in case you do come across something.The manufacturer advises that you keep pressing the top button until it enter safe mode and claims that the device will then emit a barrier of protection and all this for a mere $20.99.

My own experience with the device was interesting.

I had it at a TV station in Baltimore. I held it up and suddenly it started beeping repeatedly and turning red. After I explained what the device was for, one of the camera persons told me that the building used to be a bottling plant and that a man had died on the assembly line where I was standing.

GhostRadar measures 34mm x 39mm x 10mm, and is powered by one CR2016 3V battery. It includes a little pet ghost, and has an on-off button, sequenced lights, a beeper, a carrying strap, and a thin phone strap. Users in Japan are attaching these to their cell phones

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 6 software for Macintosh

Because Mac comes pre-loaded with iPhoto, the need for a full and bloated versionof Photoshop is not the norm for most users. However, Photoshop Elements 6contains some great add-ons worth considering, especially if you take a lot of photos.Instead of searching through all of your photos, you can tag them using visual keyword tags. iPhoto can be overwhelming, especially once you have created more than 10 folders.

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A feature I like about the Photoshop Elements 6 program is the ability to stack photos you don't need to see. So, for example, if you have 100 photos of a factory tour you saw but only need to see the first photo, you can literally stack all of the related photos underneath. This saves a lot of time rifling though all the photos of the same event.

Of note, there is this really fun feature called Photomerge. You can use this if you have a series of photos, maybe a group shot and in one of the shots someone is blinking or looking off in the distance. With this feature you can merge all the group shots and it will compile the best photo of the bunch, using the best facial expressions or positions of the people in the group.

If you are trying to create a business presentation and need to customize photos, there are features enabling you to add graphical elements, like drop shadows, and change the layouts.

And if your company needs more marketing materials, this program will enable you to create, calendars, photo books, mugs, t-shirts etc.

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Face it, flying has become just about as bad as taking a bus. So, when it comes to choosing a seat, most mobile executives are adamant about getting the best seat available.At this site, figure out a strategic plan to making reservations on all the different airline models.

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