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Get While the Getting's Good

As fear rains down, I'm planting seeds of opportunity.

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By Stockpickr Guest Columnist

Glen Bradford

If you believe in the efficient market hypothesis, you can click the back button on your browser. If you believe that Warren Buffett makes his investment decisions using a Magic 8 Ball, click back. If you believe that you can never take advantage of sales at the supermarket, click back.

Panic is irrational by definition. Remember Y2K? My mother was stockpiling water and canned goods; there were a bunch of people filling sheds, preparing for the second Cold War.

If you're good, you can always take advantage of bad times. Still don't believe me? I'll point out Dick Fuld as the most recent example.

Fear is raining down, and I'm sowing seeds of opportunity. It's earnings season. I'm trying to grow a "fortune." I'm trying my best to find highly successful companies trading at prices that ignore their risk/reward potential.

The following companies are sorted in descending order from their categories by my personal allocations. All my comments are relative to historical market performance, future market expectations, current pricing of industries and the

S&P 500

in general.

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