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There are many ways to play the energy game: buy domestic oil and gas companies, buy foreign ones, focus on oil services companies.

Enterprise GP Holdings LP

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could be another way to energize your portfolio.

Enterprise GP controls the general partner of Enterprise Products, which is a large, publicly traded master limited partnership, or MLP, that provides pipelines and services to producers and consumers of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil.

Enterprise GP is on fire: Earnings per share for the second quarter were 25 cents vs. 14 cents a year ago, and for the first six months of this year, EPS nearly doubled to 51 cents.

Be aware that there are differences to investing in a limited partnership. You might not receive the K-1 tax form from the company until near the April 15 deadline; if you like to file early, this may stop you from doing so. Also, transferring the information from the K-1 to your personal tax return can be tricky, and you may want to hire the services of a tax preparer if you do not already use one.

My guru strategies based on the investing styles of Martin Zweig and William O'Neil give Enterprise GP high marks.

The Martin Zweig Strategy

One aspect of Enterprise GP that scores well with the Zweig strategy is that both revenue and profit are growing rapidly. For earnings to continue to grow, they must be supported by a comparable or better sales growth rate. The strategy also looks for EPS to be positive and to have increased when compared to the same quarter a year ago, which holds true for Enterprise GP.

The strategy has four tests that look at the rate of growth: EPS growth for the current quarter should be greater than that of the prior three quarters; EPS growth for the current quarter should be greater than the historical growth rate; earnings should have grown consistently for the past five years; and the long-term earnings growth rate (the average of the three-, four- and five-year rates) must be at least 15% a year. Enterprise GP passes all. Its long-term EPS growth rate is a blazing 65.4%.

Debt shouldn't be high, and it doesn't get any lower than Enterprise GP's zero.

The William O'Neil Strategy

My strategy based on O'Neil's writings also rates Enterprise GP highly. It requires recent quarterly growth to be at least 18%; Enterprise GP's is 85.7%. Annual earnings growth is also a stellar 62.7% and EPS has consistently risen every year for the past five.

It gives the stock one black mark: its low relative strength (the stock's price performance compared with the overall market over the past year) of 41. Due to this, my O'Neil strategy has "some" interest in Enterprise GP rather than "strong" interest.

But there are plenty of other positive factors in its favor, including that its stock is trading within 12% to 13% of its 52-week high of $40.65. The strategy puts a lot of weight on whether or not stocks are within 15% of their 52-week highs, so it's a plus that Enterprise meets this test.

Two other pluses for the O'Neil strategy about Enterprise GP is that its industry is very strong and its debt is zero.

Enterprise GP is a high-performing energy company whose stock should continue to gush. Now's the time to add it to your portfolio.

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