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GM Super Cruise System Top's Tesla's Autopilot: Consumer Reports

GM's Super Cruise stomps the competition with a rating of 69 out of 100, compared to 57 for Tesla's Autopilot.
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General Motors’  (GM)  Cadillac Super Cruise active driver assistance technology beat out Tesla’s  (TSLA)  Autopilot in a Consumer Reports study announced Wednesday.

Super Cruise stomped the competition with a rating of 69 out of 100, compared to 57 for Autopilot on Tesla’s Model Y, 52 for Ford's  (F) Co-pilot 360 system and 48 for Audi’s Pre-sense. Thirteen others trailed behind.

As for Tesla’s Autopilot, which can control the car’s steering and speed to assist the driver, “most mainstream automakers now offer similar systems on their cars, and it’s quite likely that the next new vehicle you buy will be equipped with one,” Consumer Reports wrote.

Active driving assistance doesn’t represent self-driving, “but rather it’s intended to support the driver - a well-designed system can help relieve driver fatigue and stress, such as on long highway road trips or in stop-and-go traffic,” the publication said.

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As for Cadillac’s Super Cruise, it “remained our top-rated system because, when turned on, it uses direct driver monitoring to warn drivers that appear to have stopped paying attention to the road,” Consumer Reports said. “Monitoring whether the driver is paying attention is a big part of the reason that Super Cruise is still tops in our ranking.”

Meanwhile, “of the other systems we tested, we saw minor improvements in lane-keeping performance for the Tesla and Volvo.”

GM stock recently traded at $33.95, down 2.69%, and has slid 7% so far this year. Tesla recently traded at $412.09, down 2.96%, but has soared 392% year to date amid investor mania for electric vehicle stocks.