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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Oil prices stagnate below $50 per barrel but Kyle Brownlee sees an opportunity in the sector -- Continental Resources (CLR) , which has been buying acreage. 

It's a smart move by management to buy when assets are cheap and Continental is a "very, very well-run company," Brownlee, CEO of Wymer Brownlee, said Monday. "I'm a buyer."

Continental has solid cash flows, high investment grade rated debt and great long-term potential now that shares are down 45% from the 52-week highs. It has also lowered its breakeven oil production price down to $40 per barrel, which is helping improve its profitability,  Brownlee said. Continental shares closed Monday at $44.

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Another company Brownlee likes is Spectra Energy (SE) . The pipeline company is down just 13% from its 52-week high and pays a dividend yield slightly north of 4%. That yield is one of the stock's most attractive qualities, Brownlee said. He said Spectra has dividend coverage ratio of 160%, meaning that the dividend payments are likely to keep on coming, despite the "choppy" energy environment at the moment. Shares closed Monday close to $37. 

Finally, outside the energy business Brownlee said General Electric (GE) , a "great household name" and one of his top picks. The stock is down roughly 10% from its highs, while the broader stock markets press against all-time highs. The 3.6% dividend yield is also attractive. Shares closed at $25.

Unlike the investors want reportedly want CEO Jeff Immelt out, Brownlee defended Immelt, saying he has concentrated on the value of the stock and power of GE's dividend.