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Office accessories don't have to look boring. Gadget Grrl brings you some beyond-cool desk lights and a decorative, surprisingly functional, bowl. These items are sure to bring some positive office chatter your way.

Light Objects
No. 11 $2931
No. 12 $3406

Next time you are thinking of getting your boss, yourself or a special someone something really special, consider these Light Objects by Frank Buchwald. This German born and based artist says these creations are more than just table lights. He refers to them as "machine lights" and states, "a common mistake of our time is the belief that machines are solely products and artifacts of human planning, design and manufacture."

These objects are not only worthy of displaying, they have an almost animal quality to them that makes them look mechanical but somehow alive.

Made of materials like burnished steel, brushed brass and flexible brass tubes, the No. 11 model measures: height 15.7", base 16.1" and weighs 15.4 pounds.And the No. 12 model measures: base 17.5", height 17".

What I like about these lights are that they are functional yet look like they mighthave been seen in the movie


, or from some time in the future. Of note here is that each piece is built on-demand, so they all end up being truly unique.

Blow Up Basket

For another twist on something that you might see in an office but with a different slant, here is something called the

Blow Up Basket

.Named for its appearance of having beenblown up, it actually holds items as most baskets would but in a completely different way.

Made of stainless steel, the approximate size on this basket measures:13" x 12.5"x 4.25". For the boss who has everything or a Dad who has seen it all, this might work.

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