Which Fund Firms Need to Put the 'Service' Back in Customer Service?

Tell us your customer service horror stories.
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Investors rely on mutual fund firms' toll-free customer-service centers to cull information and collect vital data on funds and company policies.

But dealing with these phone reps can be like taking a trip to the dentist. You know, the one with the rusty instruments.

Some customer-service operations are consistently helpful and easy to reach, staffed with well-informed, articulate representatives who are always ready with the latest fund information and policy changes. Then there are the others.

I am sure that everyone has at least one irritating customer service experience to recount. But I want to hear about the firms whose service centers are consistently bad.

Tell me which fund company has the worst customer service -- the one with the reps who struggle to answer even the simplest questions.

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and please send along your horror stories.

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