Numerical milestones, whether a wedding anniversary or your car's odometer hitting 100,000, mean different things to different people.

I recently turned 30, and for me that just means starting to lie about my age.

But I am more concerned with finding out what people think about the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

closing in on 10,000.

Does this milestone mean anything to you? Does it change the way you are investing your assets?

You will often hear journalists, professionals and pundits talk about the number's psychological meaning. Does this number have any meaning for you or is it just that -- a number?

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Finding a Fund With Your Favorite Stocks

Last Monday, I

described for one reader how to find a mutual fund that most closely resembles his stock picks.


John Wenn

wrote in to offer another suggestion. Rather than searching by fund, search by each stock.

Using the

Morningstar site, enter a stock's ticker symbol to pull up its Quicktake report. Under "Price/Ownership," you will find information on which funds own that stock. (This ownership data are part of Morningstar's premium service, which costs $9.95 a month or $99 a year.) This section will tell you the funds with the largest holdings of a particular stock.

I hope this is helpful.

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