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Today's Question: What Would You Ask Your Fund Manager?

We'll do our best to get the answer directly from the source.

Sometimes talking to a customer service representative just isn't enough.

Say your fund has fallen 30% in the past three months and you want to know what is going on. The portfolio information on the company's Web site is months old. The phone reps give you shallow, scripted answers to your questions. And you can't exactly call the manager and quiz him on the fund's condition.

In comes my question to you:

If you could sit down with your fund manager and ask him any question, what would it be? Be specific. Tell me the name of the manager and the fund.

Email me at and include your full name with your question.

I will make every attempt to put your question directly to the fund managers. Even if that is not possible, I will certainly print some of the questions that I receive.

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