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Right about now, Chicken Little and Cassandra have cashed out of their portfolios and are barricaded in the backyard bomb shelter. Should you do the same?

Relax, take a deep breath. Don't rush over to


and start rapid-fire clicking on the sell button -- at least, not so randomly.

Today's market swoon -- pushing the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

well below the 10,000 level -- comes at a time when investors were already jittery. The


is mired about 2K off from its halcyon days above 5000 eons ago -- was it really only March? The only thing that looks fairly certain in this market is that 2000 may not end up with the lofty 20%-plus returns on the

S&P 500

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that we saw the past four years.

Many investors, especially those do-it-yourselfers who passed on ponying up for professional advice, are probably asking, "What do I do now?"'s

Personal Finance group has the answers in this special report.

True, the market is tough, and it may get worse. Depending on your investment strategy, you may want to start doing some selling, or you may stick to the buy-and-hold approach. Or, you may want to go out and start bargain-hunting. If nothing else, this market mayhem offers the perfect time to ask yourself, "Is my portfolio balanced? Have I bitten off a little too much risk? Do I want to start thinking about moving some money around?" The following features answer the tough questions about what to do today, and what you should do going forward.

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