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We might all be crawling around on the floor, looking for those teeth the market knocked out, but at least we're in it together.

On one of the worst days in a tough year, here are few recent stories you might want to check out before you start pulling the trigger on anything in your portfolio. They're a smattering of stories and columns, trying to figure out what's going on in the market and/or what you might want to do with your money these days. And there's also a healthy dose of sage, real-world advice from our resident portfolio doc,

Dr. Don Taylor

. There's a pretty good chance you'll see yourself -- or at least your portfolio -- in his columns.

Tracy Byrnes


Armageddon? Not Quite

Brett Fromson


Wrestling With a Bear? Maybe Not, but It's a Good Time to Plan

Dan Colarusso

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Get Real: Debunking the Mantras of Market Mania

Dr. Don Taylor:

What You Think Is a Dip May Be a Slippery Slope

Dr. Don Taylor:

My Money Needs to Last Till I'm 100

Dr. Don Taylor:

Stock Market May Be Rocky, but it Still Beats CDs

Dagen McDowell


A (Re)Balanced Approach to Your Portfolio