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This Week's Fund Winners



1-Week Return

YTD Return

(SMPIX) - Get ProFunds Semicond UltraSector Inv Report

ProFunds Semiconductor Inv. Technology23.66%-45.41%

(INPIX) - Get ProFunds Internet UltraSector Inv Report

ProFunds Internet Inv. Technology 22.08-81.19

(RYVYX) - Get Rydex NASDAQ-100 2X Strategy H Report

Rydex Dynamic Velocity 100 H Large Growth 20.80 -75.15

(UOPIX) - Get ProFunds UltraNASDAQ-100 Fund Inv Report

ProFunds UltraOTC Inv. Large Growth 20.59-74.85


streetTRACKS Morgan Stanley Internet N/A 19.11 N/A


Amerindo Internet B2B D Technology 18.18 -60.57

TheStreet Recommends

(SCTAX) - Get Wells Fargo CA Tax-Free A Report

Conseco Fund Gr Sc&T A N/A 17.78N/A

(BFOCX) - Get Berkshire Focus Report

Berkshire Focus Technology 17.20 -75.75


Berkshire Technology Technology 17.16 -75.40


Alpha Analytics Digital Future Technology 16.87-62.04Source: Lipper. Data through Oct. 11

This Week's Fund Losers



1-Week Return

YTD Return


Rydex Dynamic Venture 100 H Large Growth-19.60%% 31.67

(USPIX) - Get ProFunds UltraShort NASDAQ-100 Inv Report

ProFunds Ultra-Short OTC Inv. Large Blend -19.54 30.59


Potomac OTC/Short Inv. Large Growth -9.97 25.48

(RYAIX) - Get Rydex Inverse NASDAQ-100 Str Inv Report

Rydex Arktos Inv. Large Growth -9.83 34.59 Proactive Opti Dynamic N/A -9.10 N/A

(BEARX) - Get Federated Prudent Bear A Report

Prudent Bear Fund Domestic Hybrid -7.19 21.18 Van Eck Intl Gold A N/A -6.65 N/A

(RYKIX) - Get Rydex Banking Inv Report

Rydex Banking Inv. Financial -5.97 -12.01

(RYPMX) - Get Rydex Precious Metals Inv Report

Rydex Precious Metals Inv. Precious Metals -5.95 11.36

(GRZZX) - Get Grizzly Short Report

Leuthold Grizzly Short Domestic Hybrid -5.75 35.18Source: Lipper. Data through Oct. 11. *Closed to new investors.

10 Biggest Mutual Funds



1-Week Return

YTD Return

(FMAGX) - Get Fidelity Magellan Fund Report

Fidelity Magellan Large-Cap Core2.77%-15.95%

(VFINX) - Get Vanguard 500 Index Inv Report

Vanguard 500 Index S&P 500 2.63 -16.13

(AIVSX) - Get American Funds Inv Co of Amer A Report

American Funds Investment Co America A Large-Cap Value 2 -7.89

(AWSHX) - Get American Funds Wash Mutual A Report

Washington Mutual Large-Cap Value 1.34 -1.92

(FGRIX) - Get Fidelity Growth & Income Port Report

Fidelity Growth & Income Large-Cap Core1.47 -11.77

(AGTHX) - Get American Funds Gr Fnd of Amer A Report

Growth Fund of America A Multi-Cap Core 4.61 -18.65


PIMCO Total Return Institutional Intermediate-Term Bond -0.539.32

(FCNTX) - Get Fidelity Contrafund Report

Fidelity Contrafund Multi-Cap Core 1.32 -15.49

(ANWPX) - Get American Funds New Perspective A Report

American Funds New Perspective AWorld Stock 2.78 -13.53

(AEPGX) - Get American Funds EuroPacific Gr A Report

American Funds EurpPacific Growth Foreign Stock 2.16-16.84Source: Lipper. Data through October 5.

Sector Fund Scorecard

Fund Category1-Week ReturnYTD Return



Natural Resources

4.94 -13.81

Science & Technology

9.46 -45.42


4.39 -39.92


0.51 -17.31

Financial Services

-1.09 -9.85

Real Estate

1.33 4.41