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Mid-cap funds have been in the sweet spot of the market this year, and they're the focus of today's Daily Screen.

More specifically, the Screen is tackling mid-cap blend funds. These funds primarily invest in stocks with

market caps between $1.5 billion and $9 billion. The "blend" tag indicates that they practice both the value and growth investment styles. Value managers typically troll the market looking for bargains, while growth managers tend to pay steep prices for shares in the fastest-growing companies they can find.

So far this year mid-cap stocks are trouncing large-caps, defined as stocks with market caps above $9 billion. The

S&P MidCap 400 Index

is up 11.6% year to date, while the mainly large-cap

S&P 500 Index

is down more than 7% through Wednesday's close, according to



Since these mid-cap funds blend the value and growth styles, they could be a diversified way to play the mid-cap slice of the market. As usual we've screened the category for funds that beat the average over the past one- and three-year periods. The first chart lists the top-10 mid-cap funds, ranked by their one-year return.

The second chart gives you a look at which stocks have driven some of these funds. It lists the 10 stocks with the heaviest weighting in the 10 leading funds. Many of these stocks are large-caps. Mid-cap fund managers often hang on to winning picks even after they've appreciated into large-cap territory.