Growth funds might finally be lifting themselves off the canvas, but the drubbing they've received in the past two years proved that precious few are contenders.

Over the past 90 days, the average growth fund is up about 20%, but that's little solace after two consecutive down years that have washed out much of 1999's heady gains. If you're trying to find some steady-Eddie types in the thick growth-fund ranks, this week's Big Screen helps by using the past five years' volatility to sift for all-weather funds.

First, we screened the big-, mid- and small-cap growth fund bins for funds that have beaten their peers over the past one, three and five years with the same manager at the helm, using data from Chicago research house Morningstar. Then we yanked out funds that are closed, charge above-average annual fees or have investment minimums north of $10,000.

Of the 938 growth funds out there, just 65 made the cut. In each category, we've singled out the top five, ranked by returns over the past five years, and named a few honorable mentions.

If you're looking for a short list of growth funds that absorbed the past years' punches without buckling too badly, these might be a sensible start.

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