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Strong Funds

is putting together a couple of high-octane stock funds, including a tech fund that will be its third launched in 2000, if the firm rolls it out by Jan. 1.

Earlier this month, the suburban Milwaukee shop filed preliminary paperwork for the


Strong Science and Technology

fund and the broker-sold

Strong Advisor Endeavor 20

fund. As you might imagine, the former will focus on tech stocks and the latter will typically hold just 20 to 30 of the manager's favorite growth stocks.

Both funds will invest in companies of any size, with an emphasis on small- and mid-cap stocks. Both will also be nondiversified -- meaning they can make big bets on relatively few stocks -- and each will also have the leeway to use options to protect against declines in favorite picks.

Neither filing mentions the proposed funds' expenses or who will manage them, though some might wonder if they'll end up in the hands of Tom Pence. He's the stock manager who recently joined Strong from

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, where he had co-managed the


Conseco 20 fund and run the tech-heavy


Conseco Equity fund on his own.

If the firm rolls out the tech fund, it will be its third, hot on the heels of


Strong Internet and


Strong Technology 100, which launched Dec. 31, 1999. More than 60 of about 140 tech funds have launched this year.