We're all coping with portfolio trauma these days.

In today's Portfolio Therapy, Dagen McDowell offers listeners kernels of wisdom on getting beyond the mistakes of the past and applying the lessons to your portfolio's brighter future.

First, Dagen tackles addiction -- in the form of sector funds. Many investors rushed lemming-like into hot tech and telecom funds in the late 1990s; now, "safer" sector funds such as metals attract performance chasers' money. This isn't good, Dagen says. The way to use sector funds: anticipate performance, don't chase it.

How should I know when to sell an underperforming fund? Should I invest in my employer's stock or a Roth IRA? In today's Q&A session, Dagen answers these questions and more.

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Lastly, Dagen directs her patented rant at a favorite target: Janus. The fund firm's recent attempts to reinvent itself -- after years of unrivaled arrogance and lousy performance -- are too little, too late, Dagen says.

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