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Murdoch Move Fuels Funds

News Corp.'s bid to acquire Dow Jones is a boon to some mutual fund owners.

When Rupert Murdoch's

News Corp.

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announced its surprise $5 billion bid to acquire Dow Jones, it sent shares in the financial news publisher soaring nearly 55%.

The deal, which at $60-per-share represents a staggering 65% premium --

whether it happens or not -- was a boon to a few mutual funds with significant holdings of the stock.

The big winners from yesterday's news, aside from

owners of Dow Jones stock, are those who own the


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Mid Cap fund (CHTTX), which increased 1.92% for the day and has 2.38% of its assets in

The Wall Street Journal

publisher as of Feb. 28, according to fund tracker Morningstar.


Hotchkis and Wiley

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Mid-Cap Value I fund (HWMIX) has the largest percentage of its assets tied to Dow Jones of any mutual fund, with 2.81%. The fund saw a 1.65% bump in yesterday's trading.

Another fund benefiting from the news is the



Large-Cap Value fund (AEIIX), which has 1.96% of the portfolio's assets in Dow Jones. That fund saw a 1.35% increase yesterday.