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Teleflex's (TFX) - Get Free Report plans to acquire medical device manufacturer Arrow International ( ARRO) are a boon for several mutual funds.

The announcement sent Arrow's stock up 17.02%, to $44.21 Monday. That's just shy of the $45.50 per share that Teleflex has offered to pay for the Reading, Pa., maker of catheter-based products used in cardiac and critical care.

That pop was good news for investors in the


Excelsior Small Cap fund (UMLCX), which had 2.22% of its assets in Arrow at the end of May, according to fund tracker Morningstar. Other beneficiaries included


BNY Hamilton Small Cap Core Equity (BNCIX) which allocated 1.83% to Arrow at the end of March, and

(ALSIX) - Get Free Report

American Century Life Sciences (ALSIX), with 1.67%.

Neuberger Berman's

(NBGNX) - Get Free Report

Genesis fund saw a nice gain, as the holder of 6.29% of Arrow's stock at the end of March.

Funds holding Teleflex didn't get the same boost; the stock was virtually unchanged Monday, closing at $85.33, for a 0.03% gain.

Elsewhere on a merger-manic Monday,


(RIG) - Get Free Report

, the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, said it had agreed to purchase its smaller competitor,



, creating a company with a combined enterprise value of $53 billion.

Transocean's stock price closed up 5.47% at $115.99, while GlobalSantaFe rose 3.59%, to $78.33.


(FSESX) - Get Free Report

Select Energy fund has the biggest allocation to either stock of any mutual fund tracked by Morningstar. As of the end of February, it held 5.83% of its total assets in Transocean and 4.74% in GlobalSantaFe.

Other funds with large portions of total assets committed to GlobalSantaFe include

(FNARX) - Get Free Report

Fidelity Select Natural Resources, with a 4.71% allocation as of Feb. 28,


New River Core Equity, with a 4.44% allocation as of as of the end of May, and


Fidelity Select Natural Gas, with a 4.02% allocation as of Feb. 28.

Transocean's biggest fans include

(RYESX) - Get Free Report

Rydex Energy Services (RYESX), with a 5.41% allocation at the end of June,


Jordan Opportunity (JORDX), with 5.39% at the end of March, and

(MVRGX) - Get Free Report

Monteagle Value (MVRGX), with 5.18% as of the end of February.