Get ready for another way to invest in the wireless sector.

Merrill Lynch

, which already offers more than a dozen of its HOLDR securities, has filed for permission to launch one of these tradable baskets that invests in wireless stocks.

Similar to most of the existing HOLDRs, this basket will contain 20 of the largest stocks from just one sector. The coming wireless portfolio will include big-name stocks such as





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The Wireless HOLDRs will trade on the

American Stock Exchange

, which means that, unlike mutual funds, you will be able to buy and sell shares in real time during the trading day. The ticker symbol will be WMH.

You'll already find 12 sector-specific HOLDRs, investing in industries from semiconductors and software to regional banks and utilities. (You can find a list of all the existing baskets on the HOLDRs Web site at

Just a reminder for the uninitiated: The HOLDRs portfolios are fixed and don't have managers to decide which stocks to buy and which to sell. If a stock in one of these baskets disappears in an acquisition, a new one will not be added to take its place.

As with the other HOLDRs, you will be able to buy and sell the wireless basket only in round lots of 100 shares. That floor will put the minimum purchase around $10,000.

In the proposed wireless basket, the maximum weighting for any one stock is set at 10%. Once the basket starts trading, however, that cap doesn't stay in place and one stock can command far more than 10% of the portfolio if its price rises dramatically.

If you buy these HOLDRs before they start trading, you'll pay a 2% underwriting fee. If you wait until trading begins, you can go to a discount broker and save yourself some money.

Following is a list of the stocks that make up the wireless HOLDRs.