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<i>Portfolio Therapy:</i> Getting What You Need From Your 401(k)

Also, Dagen focuses her Rant at funds who load up on bad news companies.
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You can't always get what you want.

The Rolling Stones, despite being Fortune's poster boys, weren't singing about 401(k)s, but it would have been apropos. Often the mutual-fund offerings in employers' plans leave something to be desired -- or, too much to be desired. In today's Portfolio Therapy, Dagen McDowell gives you what you need -- sound, easy solutions to picking funds in your plan.

In her Q&A segment, Dagen tackles a question about high-yield bond funds.

Lastly, in the Rant, Dagen focuses her ire on mutual funds that own problem companies like Tenet Healthcare. offers Dagen McDowell's Portfolio Therapy every Tuesday and Thursday. In each 20-minute Webcast, Dagen gives listeners sound financial advice, answers to tough investing questions and lively rants against the excesses and abuses on Wall Street. Click on the accompanying tile above to listen to today's Portfolio Therapy. You can also check out Dagen's previous sessions.

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