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Tech-stockaholics will be happy to know that the engineers of


's five biggest funds are still riding the tech gravy train.

The funds' managers all boosted their tech weightings in June, reports the firm's monthly guide to its funds, released today. Bob Stansky, for example, who runs the massive $104.7 billion

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Magellan fund, boosted his fund's tech weighting from 32% at the end of May to 35.1% at the end of June. While the move is a shot in the arm to the mercurial sector, not all of the funds have an overweighting in tech stocks relative to the

S&P 500


Watching these funds' shifting sector weights is important not only because it tells you where they're placing their bets, but also because of their effect on the market and the market's effect on them. They're so big, averaging $51 billion in assets compared with $400 million for the average stock fund, that they can move stock prices; they're also so big that much of their managers' returns are driven by broader sector moves instead of individual stock selection. After all, on average, each fund holds some 300 stocks.

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Contrafund's somewhat conservative, growth-at-the-right-price approach has kept tech at an underweighting, it upped its stake in the mercurial sector more than Fido's other biggies last month.

Health care and financial services are typically a distant second and third in these funds' weightings, according to the report.

Not all Fido managers are ga-ga over tech, though. Joel Tillinghast, high-profile manager of

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Low-Priced Stock, lowered his fund's tech stake from 14.4% to 13.9% from May 31 to June 30, according to the report. Tech makes up about 30% of his benchmark, the small-cap

Russell 2000


Of course, Tillinghast primarily focuses on stocks selling for less than $35, which probably screens out plenty of tech stocks.