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Along with his duties on five other large hybrid funds at Fidelity Investments, Matthew Conti has been named portfolio manager of the


Fidelity Advisor High Income Fund, a small, interim-term bond fund with $16 million in assets under management.

Conti was given the added responsibility of managing the fund because, until now, he has managed only the high-yield portions of the five funds he helps manage, according to a Fidelity spokesperson.

The five funds for which Conti manages the high-yield portion are

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Conti succeeds David Glancy as the manager of the High Income Fund, which is up 7.2% so far this year after a 5.6% decline in 2000. Class A shares of the fund carry an upfront sales load of 4.75% and a 0.98% expense ratio.

Glancy will continue to manage the

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