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Make way for yet another tech fund without "tech" in its name.

Last Friday,

Eureka Funds

filed preliminary paperwork for the no-load

Eureka Active OTC

fund. The fund will essentially track the tech-laden

Nasdaq 100

index, trying to beat it by overweighting and underweighting certain stocks. It should launch in February.

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The Nasdaq 100 is a basket of the 100 biggest nonfinancial stocks traded on the Nasdaq. Tech stocks comprise more than 75% of the market-cap-weighted index. So,

like many other growth funds, it seems this will be a tech fund in practice, if not in name.

The fund's manager isn't named in the filing, but the idea is to use quantitative screening techniques to highlight companies with rising earnings and those poised to dip. While many funds use a quantitative "enhanced-index" approach, their approaches are rarely the same, and they're not necessarily index-beaters.

The fund's expenses also aren't detailed in the filing, but if you're looking for a cheap Nasdaq 100 investment, it's hard to argue with the Nasdaq 100-tracking stock


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. These are exchange-traded shares that represent ownership in the index's stocks. Annual expenses are just 0.18%, compared with 1.68% for the average tech mutual fund, according to