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In this rocky week, the first dent appeared on the escutcheon of that bastion of tech-stock mania, optical networking. While

JDS Uniphase's strong earnings report Thursday will lift spirits -- and the optics sector -- today, the fact that

Nortel Networks fell a bit short of revenue expectations earlier in the week may linger in Wall Street's memory beyond the week's close.

While we don't want to stoke any paranoia, we thought is would be fitting for this Saturday's

Big Screen

to revisit bond funds.

Ian McDonald

examines some of the best bond funds in the core and mildly aggressive categories.

Also coming Saturday in's

Personal Finance Focus


Tracy Byrnes, in her Investor Forum column, counsels a reader who has been trading in his IRA full time and wants to call himself a trader for tax purposes.

Mark Ingebretsen, in his Tools of the Trade column, discusses where to find information about application service providers (ASPs), which will either change the world as we know it or be the latest overhyped tech play, depending on whom you ask.

We'll also have our regular weekly columns on the best and worst funds of the week in the

Weekly Scorecard

, the

Stock in the Spotlight


Jim Cramer's

mutual fund column,

Smarter Money

. See you Saturday.