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On Friday on,

Jim Cramer

suggested that Net stocks were bottoming. (The column

appears on


If Cramer's right, then now would be the time to start researching and buying some of these names. But which ones? And at what prices?

Actually, we don't want to know which particular stocks you're eyeing. We want to know


you're hunting down information about them. Do you like How about


TheStreet Recommends, or Are there charting or other sites that are particularly helpful? Or not? How about message boards?

Email us at with your favorite or least favorite sites and services about Net stocks (ranging from blue-chips like






to pure plays such as




And while you're at it, please write something about your experience "investing" in Net stocks. Even if Jim Cramer is right about the future, it's been a rough year and change for many Net stocks frolickers.

Tell us your story, what you've learned, and what, if anything, you'd do differently next time around.

Please include your full name in your email to We'll pull the information into an article or two that should help all of our readers.