More on the Nasdaq 100 Tracking Stock

Also, Oakmark Small Cap, beating the market long-term, stocks vs. funds and zero-coupon bonds.
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A compilation of this week's daily Fund Forum columns.

Keeping Track of the Nasdaq 100 Tracking Stock
By Dagen McDowell
More questions and answers about this popular trading vehicle. More

Is Oakmark Small Cap Right for My Roth?
By Dagen McDowell
It's a good idea to include well-established, large-cap stocks in a Roth portfolio. More

Readers Weigh In: You Can't Beat the Market in the Long Term
By Dagen McDowell
Our email reveals a lot of readers have little faith in active fund management. More

What's Best for My 2-Year-Old Grandson: Stocks or Funds?
By Dagen McDowell
Stocks could teach good lessons about the market, but funds will give broader exposure. More

Which Zero-Coupon Bond Should I Buy?
By Elizabeth Roy
That depends on your purpose, of course, but to capitalize on a drop in interest rates, go long. More