Internet funds have grown fat on small investors' cash. Each day, readers ask for more information on these blistering portfolios. We've written reams. Now we've got a question for you.

Monday's tech selloff steamrolled Internet stocks, capping five days of bloodletting in the sector. Many hot issues were off 15% to as much as 30% for the day.

America Online


closed down 23 7/8 at 115 7/8;



lost 25 1/2 to close at 163 11/16;

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fell 31 1/16 to close at 158 15/16. There was carnage across the board. Internet Sector

index ended the day down 108.21 at 560.81, off 16.2%. It's down 29.1% in the five most recent trading days through Monday.

Here's how the Internet funds have fared.

The stocks appeared to be stabilizing in early trading Tuesday. But Monday's tech selloff has been the first true test of Net investors' mettle.

Now the question: For those of you invested in Internet funds (or individual Net stocks), what did you do Monday? Did you buy or sell your funds or stocks? What are you doing today?

Sure, you probably believe in the sector, long term. But are you hedging your bets short term? If so, how?

For those not in the sector, what's your reaction to the selloff? Does it signal a buy or simply strengthen your aversion to the volatile sector? We'd like to know. Send your email to, and don't forget to include your full name.

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