Everything You Wanted to Know About the Nasdaq 100 Tracking Stock

Also: Reader reaction to Monday's Nasdaq selloff, whether Canadians can by U.S. Treasuries and finding your bond's credit rating.
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A compilation of this week's daily Fund Forum columns.

QQQuestions about the QQQ
By Alison Moore
Everything you wanted to know about the Nasdaq 100 tracking stock. More

Has the Net Bubble Burst? Tell Us What You Think
By Alison Moore
We want to know how you're playing this week's events. More

Readers React: Net Bulls Still in Charge
By Alison Moore
Our unscientific sampling shows that for every seller after Monday's Nasdaq drop, there were 10 buyers. More

Can Canadians Have Treasury Direct Accounts?
By Elizabeth Roy
Yes! And the interest is taxable only in Canada. More

How Do I Check a Bond's Credit Rating?
By Elizabeth Roy
Also, is it possible to do better than a 7% coupon muni? Probably not. More