A compilation of this week's daily Fund Forum columns.

What Does Dow 10,000 Mean to Your Portfolio?
By Dagen McDowell
It's just a round number. But could it be a turning point for you? More

How Does the Nasdaq 100 Tracking Stock Work?
By Dagen McDowell
A reader wants to know how buy and sell orders are kept in balance. More

Readers Say Dow 10,000 Is Just Another Number
By Dagen McDowell
Some are mindful, though, of its historical significance. More

Is It Futile to Expect to Outperform the Market?
By Dagen McDowell
A reader asks if the Efficient Market Theory means that index funds are the only way to go. More

How Do I Know if Zero-Coupon Bonds Are for Me?
By Elizabeth Roy
The four principles of zero investing. More