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Cash Conundrum: Should It Go to Savings or Debt?

Also, tax planning for a $5 million estate, low-minimum-investment index funds and more.

A compilation of this week's daily Fund Forum columns.

Should I Use My Savings to Pay Down My Debt?
By Tracy Byrnes
It depends on your situation and your stomach for debt. We'll look at ways to calculate both. More

How Do I Pass on $5 Million to My Wife and Heirs?
By Tracy Byrnes
Estate planning is a complicated thing, but here are some popular tax-saving strategies. More

Getting Into an Index Fund With Little Money Down
By Tracy Byrnes
There are many ways to do it, though in some cases you'll wind up paying higher expense ratios. More

What's a Stable Value Fund?
By Elizabeth Roy
It's essentially an insurance company investment that may be a suitable alternative to bonds. More

Why Are There So Few Oregon Muni Bond Funds?
By Elizabeth Roy
Because, relatively speaking, there are so few Oregon muni bonds. More

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