President Trump could fund his proposed $1 trillion of upgrades to U.S. roads, bridges and other facilities with "War Against Sagging Infrastructure" bonds that Americans would snap up, Jim Cramer and his panel of expert investors say.

"[Think] $25 savings bonds," Cramer said in his April Trading Strategies roundtable discussion with four of TheStreet's top columnists. "You literally do a campaign. You get some entertainers go around the country saying: 'Look what we can do with the roads' -- like war bonds. It's a war against the sagging, $4 trillion infrastructure [deficit]."

Trump this week reiterated his campaign promise to spearhead a $1 trillion+ rebuild of America's infrastructure. "We have to build roads. We have to build highways," Trump said in a New York speech. "We're talking about a very major infrastructure bill of a trillion dollars -- perhaps even more."

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Cramer said he discussed the idea recently with top Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn "and he was like: "yeah, let's do it. -- I totally agree with you.' ... I think a lot of people want a 50-year bond that makes our country better for our grandchildren."

Foreign-exchange expert Douglas Borthwick told Cramer that Trump could fund the program by selling Americans 50- or 100-year bonds, so long as the president makes sure they "see that the roads are better, there's a nice new airport and you're not embarrassed when you fly to JFK. People would go along with that. [But] if they borrow a whole bunch of money to then go spend abroad for someone else's issues in their country, Americans are going to have a problem with that."

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(Editor's Pick. This article originally ran at 10 a.m. ET on April 10.)