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The situation with

Fannie Mae



Freddie Mac


remains fluid as the winners and losers in this

Treasury bailout

are determined.

Regardless of whether investors see this as an opportunity to buy or sell Fannie or Freddie, we wanted to take a look at which mutual funds have the largest exposures to the companies.

The funds are sorted by largest percentage of total assets invested in either of the government-sponsored entities.

Sam Patel, CFA, is the manager of mutual fund research for the Ratings.

In keeping with TSC's Investment Policy, employees of Ratings with access to pre-publication ratings data must pre-clear any potential trade through the legal department, and are prohibited from trading any security that is the subject of an unpublished rating revision until the second business day after the rating is published.

While Patel cannot provide investment advice or recommendations, he appreciates your feedback;

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to send him an email.