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For investors who prefer the diversification offered by mutual funds to owning individual stocks, here are some of the biggest holders of the companies that were on our list as of Thursday, Sept. 27.

LSI Industries

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Lord Abbett Small Cap Value had a 6% stake in the company as of Feb. 28, but the holding only accounted for 0.57% of the fund's assets.


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Columbia Small Cap Core Fund had a 3.31% stake as of Feb. 28, but it only accounted for 0.89% of the fund's portfolio.

Preferred Bank

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Forward Emerald Banking and Finance Fund had a 3.07% allocation as of June 30.

Axsys Technologies

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Royce Discovery Fund had 1.2% allocation as of Aug. 31.

Boston Beer

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Fidelity New Millennium (FMILX) has one of the largest stakes in this company, with 2% its of shares outstanding as of Feb. 21. But this only represented 0.28% of the fund's total assets.


Turner Emerging Growth (TMCGX) had just 0.68% of Boston Beer's shares outstanding as of Dec. 31, or about 0.53% of the fund's total assets.

BioReference Laboratories




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Oppenheimer Discovery Fund held 1.54% of the company's shares outstanding as of Dec. 31, but this only represented 0.67% of the fund's total assets. as of Dec. 31


Trendstar Small Cap held 1.43% of the shares outstanding as of March 31. The stake represented 2.41% of the fund's total assets.

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