LOS ANGELES -- Here's something for the green in you: AM/FM Solar Radio. It is powered by the sun, easy to use and under $20 bucks. Gadget Grrl says this would be a good carry-on for when you have a chance to hit the beach, instead of risking ruining your iPod in the sand.

But first, the Pinnacle Video Transfer device allows you to transfer videos and TV shows directly to an iPod, PSP or other external hard drive.What's great about this device is that you don't have to go through a PC to transfer.

Pinnacle Video Transfer

The Pinnacle Video Transfer compresses your files down so they can be transferred.Here's how it works. Before your next business trip, you can plug the Pinnacle Video Transfer into your DVDplayer via the three-input cord (provided in the box) and then on the opposite end of the device plug in your iPod or PSP or hard drive.

After you have connectivity, you'll notice blue lights at the top and bottom of the device. Once all the lights are lit, there is a buttonon the face of the unit that allows you to choose what mode of transfer you would like to select.

Note: there are three modes to choose from when transferring, Good, Better and Best. Most often you'll want to use the Better mode because it's not as big a file as the Best mode. And for viewing movies, the Better mode is just fine.

While in the recording mode, all the lights will be red.When the source media, DVD etc. is done recording, you need to wait until all the lights have returned to blue before unplugging the device. This will ensure that you've got all of the movie and not part of it.

As an added bonus, the Pinnacle Video Transfer will also charge your iPod while it's transferring your video.

AM/FM Solar Radio

What I like about this Solar Radio, aside from the fact that it is a solar radio, is that it's so easy to use.

Place it out in the sun or, better yet, on the dashboard of your car, and the solar panel on thefront face of the radio will gather energy.

This radio is about the same size as a video iPod, but slightly thicker.

The Radio can be powered via, the Solar cell, a rechargeable built-in battery and/or1-AAA battery.

The frequency range on this is AM: 530-1600 KHz and FM: 88-108 MHz.For the price, this would be a good carry-on to listen to your favorite radio stations at the beach, instead of risking ruining your iPod in the sand.

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