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Friday's Daily Blog Watch

A stock to help you sleep at night, and chip away at wood stocks.

Editor's note: Every morning, James Altucher presents the most timely, topical posts from the Web's best business blogs.

Mexico is now the 13th largest economy. Here's the stocks that

take advantage of the growth in the Mexican economy

including several Carlos Slim stocks and a few others. breaks it down once again:

Who dominates online video

? Hint:


(GOOG) - Get Free Report



System Trades of the Day

include a buy today on online travel company Travelzoo

(TZOO) - Get Free Report


When someone says he buys all the stocks in the "sleep sector" and then recommends




it's time to pay attention

. As a footnote, I have regular insomnia and I can now definitely see the need for a "sleep sector."

What more can be said about

(AMZN) - Get Free Report

, except that it's the breakout king on yesterday's list of

stocks that rose on unusually high volume

. This is normally a bullish condition for a continued breakout.

Hmmm, I didn't know this. Crossing Wall Street points out that

P/E ratios are at a 20-month high


Can Travelzoo make

traveling to the zoo


With housing down, stocks that create wood products are going to start to hurt. Here's a list of

shorts in the wood products space


Berkshire Ruminations describes super investor Mario Gabelli's

approach to value investing

. And, we keep track of

Gabelli's top positions

at Stockpickr.

If you were wondering whether


(AAPL) - Get Free Report

strong growth can continue, Notable Calls summarizes

what the analysts have to say


Eric Savitz summarizes three reasons to be

skeptical of games company




Stock Market Beat





Stockerblog uncovers the only stock in the

flying-car business


The Stockmasters give their review of


(BIDU) - Get Free Report

blowout earnings

. I guess when you are the biggest search engine in a country with 1 billion people who will eventually move online, things are going to be pretty good come earnings time.

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