LOS ANGELES -- Fresh air and solar power are in demand these days; here are two gadgets that use them well. First up is the latest in air purification: Airfree Platinum 2000. Gadget Grrl says it is virtually silent when running and takes up minimum desk space. Next up is the Eco Friendly Porch Light, powered by wind or solar. Mobile executives might like this for their home or business. What's clever here is that it allows its single-use batteries to regenerate via an internal system.

Airfree Platinum 2000

Clean air is getting harder and harder to come by, so the new Airfree air purifier isliterally a breath of fresh air in the business.

If you've got a home office or would like to improve the air quality in your cubicle there are several models of the Airfree Air Purifier. The Platinum 2000 modelis the latest.

Unlike other air purifiers, the Airfree does not use filters. It just uses heat. Inside the device is a ceramic core where micro organisms, spores, fungus, bacteria, virus and mold spores are all incinerated at temperatures up to 400F.

The capacity on the Airfree Platinum 200 is 550 sq. ft. and it uses 110-240V.

I liked the small footprint. At 10.4" x 8.4" and weighing just 3.2 lbs, it won't hog upa ton of desktop space. Another great feature on this device is that it is totallysilent while in use.

If you have ever heard the buzz of a fan in most other air purifiers, this is a welcome change. Replacement filters for other purifiers can be costly as well, so that's another reason to consider the Airfree.

One note here is that the device should not be placed over or under furniture because that would reduce the efficiency. Also, check the Web site to ensure you are placing theunit in a room that is the proper size or capacity for the Airfree purifier.

Eco Friendly Porch Light

Something brand new, that mobile executives might like to pick up for their homes or businesses, is the Eco Friendly Porch Light, powered by wind or solar.

Souvenir Cranwell Limited has developed this unique product using its single-use batteries that regenerate via an internal regeneration system.

What I liked about this device is the fact that there is no wiring and it fits easilyjust about anywhere you want to add an outside light.

The LED bulb never needs to be replaced.

There are two models -- one powered via wind and another powered by eitherwind or solar.

Contact the company directly for price and availability.

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